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Joint mobilisation

Our clinic also provides more traditional treatments for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

joint mobilisation, soft tissue management, and exercise therapy.


In many cases, laser is used as an adjunct to manual therapies because of its evidence-based effects on reducing pain and tissue tightness. 


A recent article in “The Australian Doctor”  newsletter (August,2014) gives a balanced and clear overview of the evidence based use of lasers in the treatment of several causes of chronic pain including neck, back and shoulder conditions.

The article concludes that “low level laser therapy is a modality with a long history and strong evidence to support its use in pain management. It is not a miracle treatment but can achieve good pain relief in a spectrum of conditions especially when other treatments have failed”

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Please contact us if you are unsure whether your condition can be appropriately managed at our clinic.​


Chow R et al (2006) The effect of 300 mw,830 nm laser on chronic neck pain: A double blind, randomised placebo controlled study Pain 124:201-210

Woodruff L et al (2004) The efficiency of laser therapy in wound repair: A meta-analysis of the literature Photomedicine and Laser Surgery 22(3):241-247    

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