B.Ap.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

In 2001, Sharon joined the Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy clinic. She became a Practice Principal in 2008, and completed her Level 1 Lymphoedema Management Certificate in 2007. She is a registered member of The National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register. 

She began her interest in Laser Therapy in 1989, and has published work and presented  to various professional groups at conferences within Australia, New Zealand, USA and Hong Kong. She regularly runs teaching workshops for allied health professionals in the area of use of laser for lymphoedema and related musculoskeletal conditions

Treasurer/Director of the Australasian Lymphology Association 2006-2009

Current member of the Continence and Womens Health Committee, Australian Physiotherapy Association

Current committee member of the Australian Medical Lasers Association.

Dip. Physio

After graduating in 1976, Margie worked at Sydney Hospital for two years then briefly at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre before working at Broken Hill District Hospital until 1987. After travelling to Victoria she took a physiotherapy post at Mt Alvernia Hospital in Bendigo in 1991.

She has Level 1 and 2 Certificates in Lymphoedema Management, and joined the team at Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy in 2007.

Margie has a particular interest in the areas of manual lymphatic drainage and the fitting of compression garments.

Margie is a member of the Australasian Lymphology Association and is also registered with the National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register (NLPR).

B.Ap.Sc. (Physiotherapy)


Following graduation in 1991, Marie worked at Modbury Hospital with both inpatients and outpatients, developing a special interest in hand therapy and setting up a hand therapy clinic in 1995.


1995 also saw her working part time in private practice at Modbury. She joined another private practice at St Agnes in 2004 focusing on working in upper limb rehabilitation as well as doing part-time work in hand therapy and lymphoedema at Royal Adelaide Hospital in 2005. She developed an interest in lymphoedema management at this time.


She has completed Jobst custom measuring workshop in 2005 and 2010, and has successfully completed a Level 1 Certificate in Lymphoedema Management.


Marie joined the Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy clinic in August 2009.

B.Ap.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

Andrea completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1987 from the South Australian Institute of Technology.

Initially employed at the Royal Adelaide Hospital she stayed for 5 years and then spent a number of years at Ashford Community Hospital.

In 2008 and 2009 Andrea worked for Aged Care – Community & Residential – Southern Cross.She has successfully completed a Level 1 Certificate in Lymphoedema Management. 

At the beginning of 2010 Andrea joined the team providing low level laser therapy and lymphatic drainage massage as well as general physio.

B.Ap.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

Mandy graduated in Adelaide in 1978 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy. Following this she worked full time at the QEH for 2 years in conjunction with regular night shift rosters at the Adelaide Children's Hospital.


Since then she has worked extensively in private practice in Adelaide, predominantly in the area of musculoskeletal and sports physio. She has had many years of experience in hydrotherapy . 


She joined our team in 2014 and has successfully completed Level 1 training in lymphoedema management and a course in Introduction to Low Level Laser Therapy in Melbourne. 


She is an active member of the Australian Lymphoedema Professionals Group and the Cancer, Palliative Care and Lymphoedema Subgroup of the Australian Physiotherapy Association .

B.Ap.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

Mandy graduated from the South Australian Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1989 and thereafter worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Repatriation General Hospital and Domiciliary Care.


In 1996 she did a Graduate Certificate in Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy and worked as a tutor for the University of South Australia in this field. From the years 1996-2000 she did part-time physiotherapy on Kangaroo Island.


Mandy has been working in the area of lymphoedema management at the clinic since 2000 with a short hiatus in 2008.

Bach. Health Sc.
Masters of Physiotherapy

Megan graduated from Flinders University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Principles of Physiotherapy) and Master of Physiotherapy, during her Masters degree she worked as a sports trainer with a local football club.

Following her graduation, she worked part time in both residential aged care at Southern Cross Care and for Inclusive Sport SA who specialise in hydrotherapy for children with disabilities. 

Megan is also currently undertaking a Bachelor of Paramedic Science, which she will be completing at the end of this year.

She joined our team in 2018 and has successfully completed Level 1 training in Lymphoedema Management in Melbourne.

Megan is an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 

Practice Manager

Gisela has been employed as Practice Manager since 2005 and enjoys the challenges associated with working and managing the administration at Lymphoedema & Laser Therapy.

She worked as a receptionist for a General Practitioner for 5 years and secretary for a leading Adelaide Psychiatrist for 5 years.